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China-EU Education Cooperation: Broadening the Scope

Education has been an increasingly focal point of EU-China cooperation following the adoption of the "Joint Communication on Elements for a new EU strategy on China". On 11 October 2016 the first China-EU Education Ministers Conference took place in Beijing, with the Sino-Europe Forum on Education Policy Think Tanks held in the margins.

The 19th Party Congress: Implications for China’s Foreign Policy

The 19th National Congress delivered the national strategies of development for the next five years, as well as the next 30 years, i.e. the two stage objectives of China’s development until 2050. The new leadership has the ambition to have China become a modernized strong socialist state with Chinese characteristics. What are the impacts of the Party Congress on the further development of Chinese foreign policy?

EU-China Cultural and Science Diplomacy Workshop

Cultural and science diplomacy have played an increasing role in the European and Chinese diplomatic story in recent years. Both the EU and China have made major start articulating the relevance of cultural and science for their external relations. The EU as a civilian power and China as an emerging soft power have different approaches to cultural and science diplomacy in practice.

EU-Asia Migration Challenges: Countering People-Smuggling

This seminar will highlight the need for the EU to strengthen its close collaboration with international partners, organisations and actors, including NATO, in countering the human smuggling industry, by finding better synergies and deepening complementarities with others.

Pakistan and the evolving regional scenario

EIAS is honored to host EU and Pakistan representatives to discuss the current state of regional stability, and mainly what role Pakistan should play to enhance regional stability.

Women’s Access to Public Space in Asia

This presentation undertook a high-level comparative analysis of the cultural and legal issues surrounding women's access to urban public space in South versus Southeast Asia. Specifically, reference was made to the cases of India, Thailand, and the Philippines, which brought diverse legal traditions and cultural issues to the fore.

Book Talk – The EU and India: Rhetoric or Meaningful Partnership?

The multi-disciplinary book that will be presented at this seminar provides a comprehensive analysis of the EU-India relationship from 1950 to the present day, as a way of assessing whether a meaningful and sustainable relationship is emerging and whether it will play a role in the future of international diplomacy and business.

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