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EU-Asia Migration Challenges: Countering People-Smuggling

This seminar will highlight the need for the EU to strengthen its close collaboration with international partners, organisations and actors, including NATO, in countering the human smuggling industry, by finding better synergies and deepening complementarities with others.

Migration Flows in Asia and Europe: The Role of the Media

The event will offer an opportunity for a wide range of stakeholders and participants from humanitarian groups, media organizations and academia to put forward their views on the relations between media and migration, in the context of the evolving refugee crisis and migration flows in Asia.

Trustpolitik in Northeast Asia: A pathway to cooperation?

This seminar aims to provide deeper insights on future trilateral cooperation amongst China, Japan and South Korea, together with experts on the three countries. As possible ways of stepping up further cooperation, trust-building initiatives such as the Northeast Asia Cooperation Initiative (NAPCI) will be debated.

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