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The EU and ASEAN at 40: Towards Normative Convergence?

As the partnership between the EU and ASEAN turns 40 years, it is worth asking under which conditions ASEAN intends to localise or resist EU norms? How does ASEAN perceive the EU’s norm exportation? To what extent does ‘the ASEAN way’ influence the norm diffusion process in EU-ASEAN relations?

Brexit: The End of the Sino-British “Golden Era”?

The United Kingdom has officially notified the European Union that it is leaving on 29 March. What are the implications of Brexit for the relationship between the UK and one of the largest economies in the world, China? Could Brexit bring the end of the new Sino-British “special relationship”?

Seoul Between Beijing and Washington: South Korea’s Strategic Dilemma

In the 21st century, Korea is a caught between a "Rising China" and a "Long Time Ally", the United States. Seoul’s main foreign policy priority is to find a balance between security interests and economic interests and s how to manage these two vital relationships with great powers in harmony.

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