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The Asian Century on a Knife-Edge

The book "Asian Century ... on a Knife-edge" challenges the conventional wisdom that the 21st century belongs to Asia by dissecting Asia’s economic, social, political and geopolitical challenges, and providing a timely preliminary assessment of the impact of the Trump presidency on Asia.

Asma Jahangir: A Legacy of Courage and Hope

A Pakistani activist and human-rights lawyer, Asma Jahangir has left a solid mark on the global fight against inequality; she was a fierce and powerful voice for the disenfranchised, for religious minorities, women, and democracy advocates.

What is Ahead for China’s Financial System? Implications for Europe

This panel discussion will bring together academic experts as well as practitioners to discuss current challenges and changes of China’s financial system. The aim is to provide a better understanding of risks as well as potentials of the Chinese financial system and provide a platform to exchange different points of view and suggestions for future

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