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Why Migration is Key to India’s Development

India Migration Now wants to to make migration a key part of India’s development agenda. We want to cut through the noise that surrounds migration issues, and better quantify and understand the nature and impact of migration in India, and help make migration a beneficial choice in India

Poverty Reduction in China: The Case of Shanxi

Poverty alleviation – and in particular rural poverty - is vital to achieve the goal of building a moderately well-off society. The 19th National Congress set up an objective to end poverty in China by 2020, “leaving no one behind in the march toward common prosperity’. Can it become reality, or it is just an

Quo Vadis Cambodia?

This seminar brings together European and Cambodian decision makers with researchers to discuss political realities in Cambodia. Furthermore, it will encourage a constructive dialogue, exploring ways to ensure free and fair elections in the short term, whilst upholding a pluralistic society and respect of fundamental freedom and Human Rights as enshrined in Cambodia’s constitution.

Taiwan: A Rising High-Tech Powerhouse

Taiwan Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Prof. Dr. Fong-Chin Su’s keynote speech aims to present foresight for a further, deeper and more sustainable R&I cooperation between Taiwan, EU and EU Member States with the new Taiwan’s MoST-led Research and Innovation Flagship Initiatives.

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