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The EU-Vietnam FTA: The Final Push

The EU-Vietnam FTA is set to bring more business and investment opportunities to companies from both sides, while also establishing innovative investment protection mechanisms. It will particularly provide the necessary conditions conducive for SMEs – the drivers of innovation and growth - to more easily reach and invest in Vietnam with their expertise in cutting

The Future Face of International Trade

There seem to be dark clouds hanging above the multilateral free trading system. Lingering populism and nationalism in the West doesn’t seem to help either. How, then can the multilateral trading system survive, or does it need to reinvent itself? Is this a temporary backlash against free trade, or are these trends here to stay?

Taiwan: A Rising High-Tech Powerhouse

Taiwan Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Prof. Dr. Fong-Chin Su’s keynote speech aims to present foresight for a further, deeper and more sustainable R&I cooperation between Taiwan, EU and EU Member States with the new Taiwan’s MoST-led Research and Innovation Flagship Initiatives.

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